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Student services and support programs

Students are encouraged to form a trusting and co-operative relationship with their teachers and should feel confident to approach them with any problems. Year-Level Coordinators are also available to provide care and support.

Career guidance and personal counselling appointments to see the Guidance Officer or Youth Support Worker are made through the Office.

Students experiencing any health problems can make an appointment with the School Health Nurse who visits the school each week.

A Guidance Officer visits the school every Tuesday in order to assist students with decisions of an educational, vocational or personal nature. This service is complemented by classroom activities that aim to broaden the knowledge base of students, to develop work related skills and to teach students the principles of sound decision-making. The Guidance Officer is also able to provide counselling for personal problems. Both students and parents can make appointments with the Guidance Officer through the school office.

The School Chaplain serves young people by caring for students, building positive relationships, helping with emotional and spiritual needs, assisting with religious education, building life skills, encouraging students through crises, role modelling acceptable behaviours and providing guidance to evaluate moral dilemmas. Appointments can be made through their booking system.