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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Folder: Assessment planning calendarsAssessment planning calendarsAssessment planning calendars
Folder: Behaviour AuditBehaviour AuditBehaviour Audit
Folder: EnrolmentEnrolmentEnrolment
Folder: Forms and applicationsForms and applicationsForms and applications
Folder: P and C documentsP and C documentsP and C documents
Folder: Student Laptop ProgramStudent Laptop ProgramStudent Laptop Program
Folder: VideoVideoVideo
Folder: Year 6 Transition to High SchoolYear 6 Transition to High SchoolYear 6 Transition to High School
TSHS Year 7-10  Assessment Plan.pdfTSHS Year 7-10 Assessment Plan237 KB
TSHS Year 7-10 Curriculum Plan.pdfTSHS Year 7-10 Curriculum Plan491 KB
BYOD Participation Agreement Form for SRS.PDFBYOD Participation Agreement Form for SRS37 KB
Inst Music Agreement Form to Hire.pdfInst Music Agreement Form to Hire38 KB
Inst Music Participation Agreement Form for SRS.PDFInst Music Participation Agreement Form for SRS38 KB
Take Home Laptop Participation Agreement Form for SRS.PDFTake Home Laptop Participation Agreement Form for SRS38 KB
Toogoolawah_SHS_2018.pdf2018 TSHS Annual Report Toogoolawah_SHS_2018540 KB
Digital Learning in 2019.pdf2019 Digital LearningDigital Learning in 2019370 KB
TSHS_Executive Summary_2019.pdf2019 Executive Summary of School Review ReportTSHS_Executive Summary_2019496 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2019 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report228 KB
Tall Tales - Short Stories.pdf2019 Tall Tales: Short StoriesTall Tales - Short Stories4698 KB
stratefic-plan-2016-2019.pdf4 Year Strategic Plan 2016-2019stratefic-plan-2016-2019120 KB
acceptable-evidence-form-day4-day8.pdfAcceptable Evidence Form Day4 - Day8acceptable-evidence-form-day4-day8464 KB
annual-implementation-plan-2018.pdfAnnual implementation planannual-implementation-plan-2018837 KB
mac-office365-home-computer-support.pdfInstall Microsoft Office 365 for Students on a Macmac-office365-home-computer-support893 KB
pc-office365-home-computer-support.pdfInstall Microsoft Office 365 for Students on Windowspc-office365-home-computer-support345 KB
investing-for-success-toogoolawah-state-high-school.PDFInvesting for success agreement for Toogolawah State High Schoolinvesting-for-success-toogoolawah-state-high-school287 KB
learning-and-wellbeing-framework-for-toogoolawah-shs.pdfLearning and Wellbeing Frameworklearning-and-wellbeing-framework-for-toogoolawah-shs57 KB
naplanTT.pngNaplan Schedule 2019naplanTT63 KB
responsible-behaviour-plan.pdfResponsible Behaviour Planresponsible-behaviour-plan4323 KB
school-improvement-unit-toogoolawah-state-high-school-executive-summary-2015.pdfSchool Improvement Unit - Toogoolawah State High School - executive summary 2015school-improvement-unit-toogoolawah-state-high-school-executive-summary-2015339 KB
toogoolawah-shs-school-chaplaincy-risk-management-plan.pdfToogoolawah SHS School Chaplaincy Risk Management Plantoogoolawah-shs-school-chaplaincy-risk-management-plan118 KB
toogoolawah-shs-school-complaints-management-procedure.pdfToogoolawah SHS School Complaints Management Proceduretoogoolawah-shs-school-complaints-management-procedure51 KB
TSHS Curriculum and Assessment Plan.pdfTSHS Curriculum and Assessment PlanTSHS Curriculum and Assessment Plan594 KB